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Our Fr Deane

The following article by Dr Lawrence Wan, President, SLOBA, is taken from the programme of the Farewell Dinner held for Father Deane in 1986.

Rev Fr Deane first came to Hong Kong from Ireland in 1949 and joined St Louis School in 1951 from Aberdeen Technical College.  He returned to England in1955 for further studies and was ordained in 1957. He then came back to St. Louis in 1963 and became Prefect of Studies in 1965.  In 1982 he became Principal.

Fr. Deane has devoted his life to St. Louis School.  During his thirty years with St. Louis, Fr. Deane set the School in its present direction. He was instrumental in the establishment of the independent Clubs Association under which the students run 40 clubs offering all kinds of extra-curricular activities.  He encouraged the students to run their own newspaper "the Aloysians" with an entirely free hand without any editorial interference from the school authorities.  He also supported the founding of the St. Louis Youth Club through which the St. Louis boys carried out highly commendable social service in the community.

Fr. Deane also gave his fullest support to the St. Louis Old Boys' Association and actively participated in all the work our Association undertook.  He served as the Spiritual Adviser to our Association;  Director of the St. Louis Matriculation Evening Course Limited; Principal of the St. Louis Old Boys' College (Hill Road) and the many other schools run by our Association. In addition, he also helped to found the St. Louis Foundation Limited and the Salesian Fellowship International. In summary, Fr. Deane has been the axle around which all the activities undertaken by our Association revolved.

Fr. Deane is an outstanding educationalist.  His special style of education has successfully met the challenges and demands of the changing world of Hong Kong.  He has installed into his boys spiritual  values.  He has never been a disciplinarian but believes in trust. His philosophy, which has proved so successful, is that a person will rise to the trust placed in him. With this approach, Fr. Deane has earned the respect and affection of his boys as well as his friends.

Fr. Deane is a paragon of virtue and wisdom who hs effectively practised the teaching methods of Don Bosco. He is outstanding not only for his lofty ideals of Christianity, humanity and education but for his practical and down-to-earth method of implementing these objectives.  His charisma draws all Aloysians together firmly in "the spirit of St. Louis".

We therefore take this opportunity to convey to Fr. Deane our deep appreciation for all the good deeds he has done for St. Louis School and for our Association. We sincerely hope that our Association will continue to benefit from his wisdom and guidance and that, with the help of all our friends, "the spirit of St. Louis" which he has done so much to foster will continue to flourish.

Dr Lawrence Wan
President, SLOBA 1986

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