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Fr Foster
Father Foster and Sennen ChiuFather Foster

Below is the latest update from Fr Foster's niece Maria which was forwarded to us by Sennen Chiu on 17 Dec 2016. 

Dear Sennen - Johnny (Foster) received your Christmas Card. Thought I'd send you an update in his condition. Unfortunately about 2 weeks ago he got out the front door of the house and had a fall outdoors. He was found quickly and ambulance called. He is still in hospital. He didn't damage any bones but the incident brought to notice that the Salesians were no longer in a position to keep him safe given his deteriorating condition. We had a family meeting with his medical team today & all agreed he now needs 24 hour care. He will stay in St. James Hospital until a suitable home is found for him after Christmas. 
Physically he is fine given his heart condition etc. Fully alert but doesn't make much sense most of the time. He is on a secure ward in the hospital with a 24 hour attendant in the 4 bed room. Very comfortable. He probably won't be moved to a nursing home for about 4 weeks given the Christmas season. Plus I have a bit of paperwork to do for that. Please let the old boys network know that he will no longer be residing at Salesian House.
Regards Maria

Below is an email from Sennen Chiu (1964) to Ben Lau on 1 July 2015.  

Dear All

I went to visit Fr Foster yesterday in Dublin at Salesian House, Crumlin. I attach a couple of photos for you to see Father’s latest look and expressions. He looked well and connected well in our conversations. It is, however, with some sadness that old age has caught up with him (at last); and that came with a degree of dementia. It is not my intention to issue a bulletin of his present status. I have discussed with his niece, Maria, of whom a lot of us know and who has spent endless hours taking charge of Father’s general welfare, to inform you of the following. She has no objections to you passing on his latest to others who want to know his current status.

I believe Fr Johnny will be 88 this year. His fond memory of Hong Kong is well illustrated by his consistent referral to his happy days in Hong Kong. Sometimes, he still wishes that he could find an excuse to visit Hong Kong one last time. This happens during whatever conversation he could be engaged in. Long term memories die hard. Sadly, a lot of times he struggles to recognise people/relations he loved and cared for so ardently in the past. His mobility is fairly restricted. After his fall in the road some months back, he is no longer allowed to go out on his own and he is not able to celebrate Mass on his own.

Having said all that, he sounded very happy when we talked. Maria is content that Fr Johnny is well looked after. Financially, Salesians see to all necessary expenses. As in the case of Fr Deane, Salesians treat everyone fairly and equally. If there is any future need in this regard, Maria will let us know what to do. In the meantime, Maria advised that please do not send Fr Johnny any personal financial gifts.

Father does not open mail any more. Maria does open them (and any cards) and read them aloud to Father. Please keep them coming.

If I have any future updates, I will forward same to you.

I am sure we all pray for Father in our own ways.

Yours in Christ



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