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Dear All,

You may have heard this sad news that Fr. Gelosa passed away on 12th Dec already. I rang Gerhard last night. I stayed with him in 2002 and 2004 while I was in Milan. He is a good friend of Fr. Gelosa and speaks English well.

He said Father contracted a severe viral infection and was hospitalised from 10th Dec. The virus went to his heart and caused great damage beyond medical help and when he was 91 years old, heart transplant was totally out of consideration. So Father died on 12th Dec. The funeral is being held today at Arese, near Milan and he will probably be buried in his hometown, Monza, where Ferrari is made.

Please pray for Father.

You can have a look at some photoes that I took during my recent visits to Milan at the Australian SLOBA website:

Ben Cheuk Ming LAU


Tribute to Fr Gelosa by Ben Lau, published Kung Kao Po, Jan 2006.

Chinese Name: 伊思高￿ given by Fr. Supo (the one with a long white beard and a Chinese scholar) meaning "our thoughts (ideals) are high

Born: in Monza, Italy (the home of Ferrari) on 24-07-1914

Came to Shanghai, China around 1935

Ordained in China: around 1940

Returned to Italy and came back to Hong Kong in 1949.

Came to St. Louis around 1954.

Prefect of Religion from 1970 to 1993.

Retired and returned to Milan, Italy 1993.

Died: 12 Dec 2005.

Best things he did at St. Louis: introduced the Soccer Machine 足球機￿and introduced a lots of boys to the Catholic faith

Famous saying about him at St Louis: 天上有包思高,地下有伊思高
(In heaven there is Don Bosco, on earth, there is Fr. Gelosa)


visit by K K Yeung and his son

1993, baptism of Oliver Leung, god-father: Dr. Victor Chan (Ben Lau partner)

Father's current parish

visit by Francis Law Siu Fei, 78 graduate

1993, Father saying Mass at the school chapel

1993, the blackboard says it all

2002, at the Turin Salesian Headquarter

2002, in his Arese office, with Teresa & Ben Lau

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