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Career history



Oct 1943

Joined Salesian Order in Palaskenry Ireland 

8 Sep 1948


14 Feb 1949

Arrived in Hong Kong;Studied Philosophy at Shaukiwan

1951 to 1954

Worked and taught at Aberdeen Technical School

1954 to 1958

Studied Theology in Melchet Court, Hampshire, England

13 Jul 1958


1958 to 1963

Returned to Hong Kong and stayed at Aberdeen Technical College 

Aug. 1963

Transferred to St. Louis School


Became Prefect of Studies at St. Louis School and beginning his association with  SLOBA (informally as Spiritual Director) 1970 Formally appointed as Spiritual Director of SLOBA. 

Helped SLOBA to set up a Trust Fund for helping old boys. 

During his term in St. Louis, he is also Supervisor of the Evening School. Also the Chaplain of St. Patrick Society in Hong Kong and the Honorable Advisor to the Sea School of HK

Instrumental in setting up 40 extra-curricular clubs.


Became Principal of St. Louis School and for a while also the Principal of the Primary Section of the School. 


Retired due to Parkinson Disease.  

For a few years after retirement, he retained interest and offered advice to the Evening School  and SLOBA. 

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