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Fr Bogadek's Career History




Joined the Salesians


Arrived in Hong Kong for the study of philosophy

1954 to 1958

Studies theology in England


Ordained in England, thereupon returned to Hong Kong

1964 to 1968

Studied science at University College Dublin.  Preferred subject was biolchemistry but took up biology so as to teach this subject at St Louis School


Graduated with first honour. Thesis: Aspects of Biochemical genetics of the Fruit Fly.


Turned down offers for a doctoral degree from Queen's University (Belfast) and the University of Hong Kong (Department of Zoology).  Returned to St Louis to teach biology.



1994 to present

Supervises the running of biology laboratory
Provides expert assistance to Hong Kong hospital doctors to identify snakes in cases of snake bite.  Also provide information about  local herps to researchers of universities and museums overseas.




  • Two laboratory manuals for practical A-Level Biology
  • Revisionof John Romer's "The Poisonous Snakes of Hong Kong."
  • Hong Kong Amphibians and Reptiles (1986) - the first published full colour record of all Hong Kong herps; jointly authored with an SLS F.6 student and a student from HK International  School (was bitten by a 10-foot long king cobra while photographing it for the book. Luckily it had been defanged!)
  • A number of herpetological papers, co-authored with Prof. Ota (University of Ryukyus)
  • 2nd revised and expanded edition of HK Amphibians and Reptiles (1998)


  • Re-discovered the rare endemic frog Philautus romeri, thought to be extinct (had gone missing for about 40 years)
  • In the mid 80s discovered a rare burrowing lizard on Hei Ling Chau island.  The lizard is now knows as Dibamus bogadeki.

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