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Fr Bogadek & SLS

Period spent in St Louis

1949 - 1954; 1958 to 1964; 1969 to present

Main duty at St Louis

In charge of the boarding section and some teaching.  One of my subjects was geography in P.5. After 6 months I was "relieved" of the post because the boys could not understand what I was saying.  It was my first
(and last) effort at Cantonese!

1958 to 1964
Taught English, Chemistry and Biology in F. 3-5.

1968 to 1994
Biology in F.6-7 day and evening school.

Happiest moment at St Louis

Every moment spent to make the biology laboratory at St Louis School one of the best equipped school labs in Hong Kong, and perhaps in Southeast Asia, was enjoyable.  With the help of our students, we have built up an excellent teaching museum, at next to no cost. 

St Louis School is also unique among Hong Kong schools in having a closed-circuit TV system (cameras, monitors and a video pointer) for teaching dissection techniques and microscopy.

Most difficult moment

The exclusion of St Louis School from the use of English as the medium of instruction.

Most memorable moment involving students

The rallying of the Old Boys, as a united powerful body, to stand up for their Alma Mater and fight tooth and nail for the re-introduction of the use of English in teaching. Their in-depth and well-documented report won the day for St Louis School

I raise my hat to them.

Most embarrassing moment

A 'greeting' by a former student, within the earshot of distinguished guests, at an Annual Ball meeting: "I could hardly recognize you. I remember you 20 years ago. You WERE very handsome THEN!"

I know I am no exceptional beauty, but thanks for the compliment anyway!

Message for SLOBA Old Boys

Remember to tell your children that you are a St Louis Old Boy.

Thank you for giving meaning to our life.  We not only liked you; we loved you.  And you are - wherever you are - our pride and glory.

Don't forget to pay us a brief visit when you pass through Hong Kong.  Every visit adds an extra day to our declining years.

Interest in visiting Sydney

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  But why not; may be some day.

A note

The 'legend' that I represented my country in the football squad is pure myth. My country had better talent to choose from.

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