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AGM 2002

The Annual General Meeting of the St Louis Old Boys' Association Incorporated was held at Auburn RSL Club, Northumberland Road, Auburn on Saturday 20th April 2002.  The meeting was called to order at 7.30pm.

Members (13) Present: Albert Tang, Chris Cheng, Joseph Chan, Tong Wong, Pius Wong, Gary Yeung, Vincent So, Augustine Chan, Ben Lau, Bernard Wong, Harry Tse, Felix Chiu, Paul Chiu  

Our President, Ben Lau gave us a written report for the year 2001, summarising various activities/proposed projects for the last 12 months. Ben Lau also advised members that 2 Sports Day will be held on 10/6/2002 and 7/10/2002 respectively.  Details will be forwarded to all members in due course.   The report was accepted by the members present.  Our Treasurer, Gerald (Gary) Yeung tabled an "Income and Expenditure Statement" from 31 Dec 2000 to 29 Oct 2001.  As there were minimum transactions during the last 12 months, the report was not audited and would be later but Gerald stated that all transactions were properly recorded and filed, and members were invited to review the records if necessary.  Augustine Chan moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted and the motion was seconded by Vincent So. 

Ben Lau then declared that the 2001 Committee be dissolved and invited nominations for the 2002 Committee.






Paul Chiu





Augustine Chan





Harry Tse





Joseph Chan





Gary Yeung





Chris Cheng





Ben Lau





Bernard Wong





Tony Wong





Other members were also approached but they declined the nomination due to their other commitments. As there were less than 7 nominations, the nominated members were elected unopposed. The first committee meeting will be held on 10/5/02 at Ben Lau's home in 31Gelling Avenue, Strathfield. It was further suggested that the elected members are to invite other non-attending members to find out if they are interest to join the committee for 2002.

Membership fee (Total of $260) was collected on the spot.  No receipt was issued but record of payment are shown at the attached member list.   Fee paying members should also encourage  non-attending members to pay the membership fee.

The meeting was closed at 8.15pm, followed by karaoke to everyone's heart content.

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