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2nd Annual General Meeting (17.3.2000)

The first Annual General Meeting was eventually  held on 11th March, 2000. We gathered at a home Japanese restaurant where we were the only patrons there. After the official meeting, (please see the official report) we had a nice Japanese  dinner. Twenty odd members and half of them brought their families along. We had over 20 members and altogether that night, we had over 50 people for dinner.

We chat about the good old days and the good "present" days. Anthony Liu gave us an informal report on how he met the past 12 presidents of Hong Kong SLOBA and how they raised some money for the Trust for Fr. Deane. The news was certainly encouraging that a lot of Old Boys are showing real concern for Fr. Deane and his health.

Then Peter Cheung, our website master, suggested that since our SLOBA website still had a lot of space, each member can use up to a page for his own announcement of service to the fellow Old Boys. The thought was indeed a  brilliant one. I hope our members will make full use of this.

Towards the end, we all joined in for a bit of karaoke. But before the karaoke, we warmed up with the Alma Mater school song. We almost rocked the house.  And during the karaoke, vow, I discovered that there were a lot of Alan Tams, Jacky Cheungs, Priscilla Chans and Sally Yehs in our group. 

And many thanks to Tony Wong who donated the beer, a lot of the left over are now in my fridge. Also thanks to Alex Wong and Felix Chiu for their wine and Bernard Yim for his soft drinks. We needed those drinks after all the singing.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Accounts for the year 1999-2000

Dear fellow-SLOBAians,

Thank you very much for your support to SLOBA. It just shows how St. Louis has affected you and you want the affiliation with St. Louis to continue.

Below is a very brief summary of what has happened so far:

  • Feb 99 Inaugural dinner at Fook Yuen
  • Aug 99 Launching of SLOBA website
  • Aug 99 Snowy Mountain trip - insufficient participants, therefore not held
  • Nov 99 Dinner at Fook Yuen, membership drive, fund raising

I would like to thank Anthony Liu for his liaison work with HK SLOBA. He is going to work in Hong Kong and will be badly missed here;

Alex Wong for his skill in accountancy and enthusiasm. He is an excellent treasurer; Tony Wong for his dynamic personality and social skill. He makes a very good secretary;     Bernard Yim for his support and wisdom; Peter Cheung for his great work in the website and Felix Chiu for his up-keeping of the membership list.

They make my job easy and look good.

I hope you will consider joining this committee in working towards the goals of SLOBA.

Yours truly,
Ben Lau.

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