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AGM 2004

Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the St Louis Old Boysí Association Incorporated was held at Crystal Seafood Restaurant, Strathfield Plaza, Churchill Avenue, Strathfield on Saturday 20th March 2004. The meeting started at 7.30 pm just before dinner.

Members (25) Present:

Augustine Chan, Joseph Chan, Joseph C K Chan, Christopher Cheng, Harry Cheuk, Peter Cheung, William Chik, Leon Ho, Simon Kam, Ben Lau, Chi-Kong Lee, Anthony Liu, Kenny Lok, Vincent So, Albert Tang, Kwok Cheung Tsao, Harry Tse, Peter Tsui, Tony Wong, Bernard Wong, Pius Wong, Benjamin Wong, Gary Yeung, Peter Young and Kai-Keung Yung.

Presidentís Report

Our President, Ben Lau gave us a brief report of the activities organized by the committee since last AGM in the year 2003. The activities include the AGM dinner, sports day in Salesianís Youth Centre of St. Mary, the Bicentenial Park picnic and the Hunter Valley tour. Photos of the activities were displayed on a screen by an image projector. Ben Lau also announced that the sports day in the coming year is on 14 June 2004 at the Salesianís Youth Centre, Mamre Road of St. Mary. Members present applauded the presidentís report.

Treasurerís Report

Our Treasurer, Gary Yeung tabled the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 Dec 2003. As no fee has been paid for the maintenance of the SLOBA web-site, there is a surplus fund of $459 for the year 2003 and the accumulated surplus as at 31 December 2003 is $3,268.81. Copies of the summarized income and expenditure statements were then distributed to the members present.

Election of 2004 Committee Members

Ben Lau declared that the 2003 Committee be dissolved and invited nominations for the 2004 Committee.

It was unanimously agreed to re-appoint Ben Lau, Augustine Chan, Joseph C K Chan, Christopher Cheng and Gary Yeung as committee members. Harry Tse was also been agreed by the members present to be appointed as committee member.

Any other Business

Thanks to Ben Lau and Augustine Chan who donated wines to the dinner. Also thanks to Ben Lau who organized the meeting and karaoke.


No other business was discussed. The meeting was closed at 8.00pm. 



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