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                                   AGM 2014

Dr Yip Wai Ming, headmaster of St Louis School and  Christropher Cheng, committee member of St Louis Old Boys Association, Sydney.


Attendees of 2014 AGM

Old Boys in Sydney attending the 2014 AGM.
2014 AGM minutes

Financial statement 2012-2013

Cheque from HBSC                         $1066.86

BBQ at Peter Young’s place                 $55.00

Donation from Peter Young                 $250.00

 Total:                                               $1371.86




07/10/13              Bay to Bay walk Strathfield – then Yum Cha at Crystal

01/12/13              Lunch at club & fruit picking at Central Coast – Peter Young

21/04/14              2014 AGM at Kam Fook Restaurant, Chatswood.

Elected into committee: Albert Tang, Chris Cheng, Harry Tse, Augustine Chan, Dan Tsao, Ben Lau.

Guest: Dr Yip Wai Ming, Principal of St Louis School

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