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Sports Day 2004

Dear fellow St Louis old boys

Our next function for the year is the Sports Day to be held on the long weekend, Monday 14 June 2004 at the Salesian's Youth Centre, Mamre Road, St Marys, 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Activities include indoor soccer, basketball, badminton, soccer machine, table tennis, tennis, snooker, trampoline. Family members, young and mature (not old) are welcome. The Youth Centre opens its door and warmly welcomes our participation and in return, we will allocate part of the admission fee as donation for the up keeping of the centre. Admission fee is set at $10 per head which will include $5 donation and a sumptuous chinese lunch cater for by the Association. The idea of having lunch together is to give us an opportunity to mix casually between members and their family. Drinks are available separately from the canteen within the Centre or you can bring your own.

The indoor soccer match is scheduled to start at 11am and we will play against members from the Chinese Christian Centre in Parramatta. After the Waterloo experience last year, we have vowed to revenge our lost this year. All hands (and feet) on deck. Do come along and rekindle our pass glory in the soccer field.

As usual, your courtesy to acknowledge this invitation note is appreciate. Please respond to this email by hitting the "reply" button or contact Gary Yeung 0414 318 973, Ben Lau 0416 291 119 on or before 28 May 2004 to advise us whether or not you can make it to the gathering.

Note 1

Sloba Canada has around 350 members who graduated from 1953 to 1996. A journal is published every year and copies of which are available for perusal from our President, Ben Lau. Please give him a call direct 0416 291 119 should you want to find out more about our counterparts in Canada.

Note 2

We contact our members mainly via email as it is considered to be less intrusive and also time/cost effective for the committee members who are assigned to do the follow up. Please advise us otherwise if you do not want to be included in the circulation list or if you prefer to be contacted via other medium. Currently, we have 59 members on our membership list. This email is sent to 50 members who acknowledged our last invitation to the 2004 AGM and cc to 9 remainder members whom we have not received any response. We seek your assistance to notify these members about our forth coming functions as they may have inactive email addresses. Please advise any of the committee members if you could be of assistance.

Note 3

Again, we would appreciate if you could alert us to other St Louis Old Boys who may want to be included in our circulation list.

Note 4

website: http://www.sloba.org.au

email: info@sloba.org.au

Gary Yeung (02) 9872 7032 (H)

on behalf of 2004 Sloba Committee


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