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My trip to Europe was a conference in Rome, homage to St Louis fathers  and some sight-seeing. In Milan, Italy, I caught up with Fr. Bruno Gelosa who taught me the Catholic faith and had me baptized at St. Anthony's Church in 1965. Yes, it was that long ago. He is approaching his 90￿™s and is fighting fit. He is the assistant parish priest who goes out to visit people almost everyday. So it is impossible to get him on the  phone. And later on in the Catecomb in Rome, I caught up with Fr. Anthonio Chung kwai sang, who was the assistant parish priest at St. Anthony's in the late 60￿™s. He visited Sydney in earlier part of  2002 and I caught up with him then.

Then I, with my wife Teresa, went to Dublin via London when I met up with Tony Wong, and at Dublin, with Alex Wong and  his wife Minnie. There we visited Fr. Deane at a nursing home. He was frail but  still good-spirited. Peter Cheung & his wife, Peggy just left before we arrived. For further detail please refer to www.deanetrust.org.au . The Teresa and  I went to visit Fr. John Foster who was the principal at St. Louis when I  left in the 70's. It was good to have caught up with him and the other fathers too.

with Fr. Foster in his room

back row: Minnie & Alex Wong, Teresa & Ben Lau.
Front row: Tony  Wong, Fr. Deane, Theresa  Lee.

with Fr. Antonio Chung at Catecomb of St Callistus

with Fr Gelosa outside the Duomo at Milan

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