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Nov 99 Pre-Christmas Gathering

Through direct phone calls and notices in the Sing Tao Newspaper,  30 Old Boys and 18 family guests attended the SLOBA pre-Christmas dinner party held on November 27th 1999,
Saturday, 7:00 p.m., at  Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant at Chatswood, Sydney.

We had much pleasure to welcome Mr. Lee Chi Kong, one of our St. Louis School teachers, who had migrated to Australia after his
retirement in St. Louis. Quite a number of Old Boys found friends they have not seen for ages. The evening was filled with joyous reunions. 

Annoucement of the completion of the website of SLOBA
(website: http://www.sloba.org.au) was made.

The Secretary, Tony Wong made a welcome speech to every SLOBA followed by the latest update of Fr. Deane's recent conditons in Dublin. He  also announced the intent of some Old Boys to establish in Australia a trust fund for Fr. Deane to appeal for donation from all St Louis Old Boys.. 40 souvenir covers celebrating the 70th anniversary of St.Louis School were sold at the party at the price of A$20 each to raise fund for the trust.

Dr Ben Lau, the chairman, gave a brief presentation on the skills of parenting. He also kindly donated his books on the subject to be sold at the dinner party. A total of $300 was raised for SLOBA.

Anthony Liu made a latest update of the meetings he had with HKG SLOBA committee, while he was in Hong Kong earlier, in respect of the appeal for sponsorship for the incorporation of the SLOBA in Sydney, Australia. In response to his appeal, Hong Kong
SLOBA had generously sponsored A$1,000 to  finance SLOBA, Asutralia for part of the expenses incurred in its establishment.

Old Boys were invited to submit their suggestions on what type of activities they preferred in future gatherings.  The next gathering will be the Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held in Mar 2000.

The evening ended with a group photo session amidst laughter and good wishes for everyone. 

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