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2023 Lee Sir 90th birthday party

The 90th Birthday Party for our teacher Mr Lee CK, 桔仔 was on 9/12/2023 Saturday night, 6-10pm .
There were 4 tables of 12 people at the cost of $110 per persons 
1/ roasted combination
2/ seafood and dry scallops soup
3/ Braised live lobster in ginger and shallot sauce
4/ Free range chicken
5/ Deep fried prawn balls with almond chips coated
6/ Stir fried scallops with veggies
7/ Fresh garden green with fungus and enoki mushrooms
8 Steam live coral trout in ginger and shallot soya
9 Happy long life noodle
10/ Special fried rice
11/ longevity buns
12 / sweet red bean soup as dessert
13/ after dinner biscuits
14 Fresh fruit platter

1 2

3 4

5 6

7 6

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