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Financial Objective

The Association is non-profit making. All activities are for the social and recreational purposes of its members.

No renumeration, fees, money or benefits of any kind shall be paid to its management committee members or officers except in repayment of out-of-pocket expenses paid on behalf of the Association.

Subsidies, subscriptions and donations received shall be applied towards the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of the Association in order to minimise the need of annual subscription from its  members. As such, social and recreational activities organised by the Association for its members are to be funded by direct contributions from the participants in each event.

Possible sources of fund

Application of fund

Subsidy from SLOBA Hong Kong; Annual subscription from members; Donation received

On-going operation and maintenance costs such as filing of annual return, purchase of public liability insurance and the running cost of the website.

Direct contribution from participating members

Social and recreational activities such as annual dinner, sports events, social gatherings, etc.

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