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                                   AGM 2015

Front from left to right:
Ben Lau, Bernard Wong, Chris Cheng, Dan Tsao, Stephen ST Lam, Sam Lau, Joseph Chan, Joe Chan

Back from left to right:
Augustine Chan, Bill Chik, Benjamin Wong, Harry Tse, Gary Yeung, Tony Wong, Stephen HS Lam, Vincent So, Albert Tang, Joseph Tam, James Ho


From left to right:
James Ho, Augustine Chan, Tony Wong, Vincent So, Jo Chan, Albert Tang, Joseph Chan

Old boys photos

From left to right:
Harry Tse, Bernard Wong, Sam Lau, Gary Yeung, Stephen Lam, Ben Lau

2015 AGM 

Activities in past 12 months:

31/08/14              Orange Picking

05/10/14              Lee Sir Yum Cha

09/05/15              2015 AGM at The Eight Restaurant, Sydney.

Elected into committee: Albert Tang, Chris Cheng, Harry Tse, Augustine Chan, Dan Tsao, Ben Lau.

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