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2015 Barangaroo Park Walk
On 12 September 2015, a group of  old boys and their partners in Sydney  took a morning walk from Milson Point to Barangaroo Park via Harbour Bridge. Barangaroo Park is a recently developed public reserve near Sydney central business district. We had a yum cha at Chinatown after the walk.

Group Photo

From left to right:
(Front row) Ben Lau, Stephen Lam, Harry Tse, Josephine Lau, Sam Lau,  Margaret Chiu
(Back row) Ben Wong, Dan Tsao, Jennifer Tsao, Tony Wong, Janice Lam, Felix Chiu

Barangaroo Park Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Walking down from Harbour Bridge

Walking down from Harbour Bridge.

On our way to Barangaroo Park

On our way to Barangaroo Park.

Yum Cha at Chinatown

Yum Cha at Chinatown.

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